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Green Screen Backdrop - 3m wide x 2m tall

Green Screen Backdrop - 3m wide x 2m tall

SKU: GS00032

A straight-forward to assemble Greenscreen/Chromakey Backdrop for use with Do Ink Greenscreen App or iMovie (iOS) or Stop Motion Studio (Android) in the creation of videos.  


Green polyester fabric (min 105g/m2) 3m (10 feet) wide x 2.3m (7 feet 6 inches) tall).

Support frame:  2 tripods plus metal crossbar.  Maximum 3m (10 feet wide) Maximum 2m (6 feet 6 inches) tall.  See care and assembly instructions on how to assemble to narrower or lower dimensions.


Also included:  Four x grip clamps.


The entire kit fits in a black zip carrier bag (see photos) of maximum dimensions:  98cm x 8cm x 6cm


Suitable for use by schools, both primary and secondary, and in drama and filmmaking classes/lessons.


This may also suit actors recording virtual productions remotely from home.

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  • Care & Assembly Instructions

    NOTE:  Two person assembly & dismantling required


    1.  Take each element from the bag and organise them into types

    2.  Take the two tripods and extend the feet as wide as possible for maximum stability (crossbars should be horizontal).  Tighten the grey butterfly screw on each tripod.

    3.  Then raise the lower extension pole on each tripod to full height and tighten its grey butterfly screw.  Do not raise the upper extension pole yet.

    4.  Assemble the four metal tubes for the crossbar.  The two longer tubes go at each end, with the slightly shorter tubes in the middle. 

    5.  Pass the assembled metal tube through the loop at the top of the green fabric.

    6.  With assistance from a second person fit the metal tube with the hanging fabric onto the upright tripods.

    7.  Again with assistance, raise the upper extension pole on each tripod to the required height.  (Idea: If the crossbar is left lower than the full 2m height it gives more green screen floor space on which subjects may stand while being filmed).  Tighten the grey butterfly screws.

    8.  Use the four grip clasps to hold the fabric steady onto the upright poles of the tripod.

    Idea:  If you wish to have a narrower green screen leave one or both of the shorter metal crossbar tubes out of the assembly and push the  excess fabric to one side.


    9.  Reverse the above process

    Care Instruction

    10.  Fold the fabric carefully to reduce creases and therefore improve video quality


  • Using a Green Screen with iMovie

    1.  Choose the background location/scene you wish to have in your video (Idea: Use the Pixabay app to find royalty free images)

    2.  Record your video(s) using the Camera app on your iPhone/iPod/iPad

    3.  Open iMovie

    4.  Select + and choose "Movie"

    5.  Tap the image you have downloaded and then click "Create Movie"

    6. Drag the image to the right of the white line

    7.  Select Video, then Recently Added and tap on the video you recorded

    8. Tap the 3 dots and choose Green/Blue Screen.  You video will now appear above the background image.

    9.  Highlight your background image (it will have a yellow box around it).

    10. Drag the right end of the image until the length of time the image appears and the length of your video are equal.

    11.  Tap on Ken Burns Enabled to disable this feature (Ken Burns causes the background image to move).

    12.  Press play to review your video.

    13.  If you are happy with the timing etc select Done

    14. You are now given the option to edit your movie title.  It will appear as My Movie X.  Change the name by tapping on the current title.

    15.  Your video can now be shared.  It can be saved to files or click on Save Video to add to Camera Roll or it can be sent to another app such as Google Classroom as an assignment or to Book Creator.

    Have fun!

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