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Wired 8MP Visualiser (Document Camera)

Wired 8MP Visualiser (Document Camera)


This flexible wired visualiser/document camera has an 8MP camera and LED lights allowing for clear and bright focusing on the subject at hand.


The visualiser can both take pictures and make videos in addition to live presenting.  It is suitable both for the classroom and remote/distance teaching & learning.


The visualiser can record in MP4 format allowing for easy video file upload and transfer. 

  • Tech Specs

    1. Pixel:8M(Resolution: 3264*2448);
    2. USB cable connection, hot plug and play;
    3. Filming range:A4, RGB24 image colour,filming rate≤1s
    4. 270 Rotating degree: taking picture on file while it’s 90 degree; filming the activities in the class on 180 degrees, initial recording and broadcasting is available; recording the teaching micro lecture while it is at 270 degrees. 
    5. Base: Aluminium alloy with magnetic
    6. File format: JPG,BMP,PNG,GIF,and TIF are available for pictures,FLV,MP4,AVI for video
    7. Light source: 2pcs LED.

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