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"We had the best fun today with the elastics. I had a go, it was fantastic. A great hit... especially with the boys!"

Maria, Primary School Teacher, Mayo

"I got a Wireless Voice Amplifier two years ago and I am very happy with it"


Primary School Teacher, Donegal

August 2020.



Inside-Outside was set up after I attended the annual Irish Primary PE Association Conference in 2018.  One of the sessions demonstrated in such a fun way how the game of Elastics (also known as French Skipping, German Jumps and Chinese Jump Rope) could be used to improve the fitness and agility of our children.  Our Teacher Pack includes lesson cards useful for PE Stations. I hope you and your children or pupils will have as much fun playing Elastics as I did!


We started selling Wireless Voice Amplifiers in Ireland two years ago.  I had been suffering from sore throats in class and I found it a lifesaver so I started selling them.  Now with teachers needing to have face coverings I think it will be very handy for teachers to use a speaker system.

And in 2021 we launched greenscreen backdrops after seeing schools create great virtual nativity plays using straightforward greenscreen technology.  And we started selling visualisers this year too.


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Irish Made
Elastics ship with Skipping Rhymes
No matter what the weather you can play inside or outside.

Also known as German Jumps!

French skipping!  Ooh la la!

Designed in Ireland

Come with Elastics Rhymes & Game Instructions

Can be played inside or outside!

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